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Surf is a discipline that does not have a written learning theory. The World Surf Association (ASP) and other organizations; such as, Britain and Australian Surf Association had created different kinds of methods that makes your learning easier. 

Magic Chile Surf School is developed under a recognized system known all around world and it is used by pioneer schools in an international level. It is also, complemented with entertaining dymamics that guarantee you simple, fun and interesting techniques for the beginning of your learning process. Safety is a very important factor for us, that is why Level 1 it is focused in the fact that you can stand up on the board (without any help) for those who does not have any knowledge related with our discipline.  


It is fundamental that for the very beginning they can feel what it is to be in touch with the ocean. That is why on Level 1 we count with the Mini – Club Surf School that is going to be surfing all the time.








When the beginner has already learnt to control the wave and he is stand up on the board, it is time to know the LINE UP or the break point of the wave, where the ocean offers you the chance  to have a complete connection with speed, control and balance in the wave, you are going to feel a real surf sensation. 

At the moment that you stand up on your surf board, in those seconds you must know the Bottom Turn techniques that will be the introduction for you to carry out the perfect run, but if you are interested in trying to move the board, you will have to work very hard.  

Our instructor team with a vast experience works objectively in the control of these techniques; such as, speed, discipline and respect. Besides, there are an infinite number of rules that entail the hierarchical style that exists for more than 8 thousand years and that are given by the teachers of our school.